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What to Know About Forklifts

When it comes to forklifts, business establishments will vouch for the convenience and benefits that these machines have to offer. However, buying new forklifts can be quite expensive. Big businesses will hardly break into a sweat when they purchase brand new forklifts. For smaller businesses, the cost of a new forklift could bust their budgets.… Continue Reading

Forklift Safety Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Every workplace has a certain amount of responsibilities to their employees, which makes avoiding accidents an absolute priority, particularly when the use of heavy machinery is involved. But accidents in the workplace happen, and not always without some degree of forewarning. Unfortunately, sometimes due to negligence in maintaining a high safety standard in the workplace,… Continue Reading

The History Of The Forklift

Modern forklifts, the mainstays of industry, can have their origins traced back to the middle nineteenth century through the early 20th century when they were nothing more than counterweight and pulley systems. This frequently overlooked yet incredibly vital aspect of manufacturing is so important that more than 150,000 forklifts are delivered to material handling buyers… Continue Reading

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