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The Different Forklift Trucks on the Market

The Different Forklift Trucks on the Market

Forklift trucks form the staple for many operations across a variety of industries. Remarkably powerful and rugged, they are used for all manner of lifting procedures in warehouses, factories, foundries and many other applications. Though there is no single solution in these vehicles that makes them usable across all these applications; there are , in fact, a number of different types, each well suited to particular applications. This makes the choice of which forklift truck to go with an important decision for business owners. Since these remarkable appliances generally come at a hefty cost; making the right one is essential. So, to help you make the right one, here is a little bit more about the different forklifts on the market, and what they can be used for.

Industrial Reach Forklifts

Reach forklifts are ideal for applications where there is limited space, thanks to their compact body and ability to handle loads without them protruding from the truck itself. This makes them well suited to applications with narrow aisles, such as those commonly found in warehousing. They also make use of two outer legs that work to evenly distribute the weight of the load. Because of this, they can work in aisles as narrow as 2.4m, while providing a 35% reduction in turning radius when compared to counterbalance forklifts. There are also many different types of reach trucks, including Pantograph, Moving-Mast and a variety of other configurations.

Counterbalance Forklifts

Counterbalance forklift trucks are some of the most commonly used, partly because they are as well suited for outdoor use as they are indoors (so long as they operate on a stable and even surface). They have a fairly generic design as far as forklifts go, with dual forks at their front to enable lifting and transporting loads.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

A s their name suggests, rough terrain forklifts are well suited to lifting and transportation when uneven or treacherous terrain forms the base of your operations. They can handle loads of up to 3 tonnes, while the counterbalance at its rear ensures even operations. Their tyres make all the difference since they are inflatable and have thicker tread. This in conjunction with a powerful engine, makes for better manoeuvrability, higher speeds and a more durable truck all round.

Telescopic Handler Forklifts

Telescopic forklift trucks are more concerned with enabling reach than with enabling heavy loads, making them perfectly suited to agricultural and industrial uses. They operate similarly to small cranes thanks to their telescopic handlers . These trucks can also be used with a great number of accessories, such as a lift table, a pallet fork and a muck grabber.

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This list by no means includes all of the different types of forklifts available for purchase, but should at least give you a good idea of the variety of choices you will have. If you would like to know more about sourcing a forklift truck for your business from a trusted supplier, contact Forklift Exchange today, or visit our website for deals on purchases or rentals.

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