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Forklift Safety Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

forklift exchenge_111Every workplace has a certain amount of responsibilities to their employees, which makes avoiding accidents an absolute priority, particularly when the use of heavy machinery is involved. But accidents in the workplace happen, and not always without some degree of forewarning. Unfortunately, sometimes due to negligence in maintaining a high safety standard in the workplace, employers often find themselves in situations surrounding damage to expensive equipment, severe injuries being inflicted on workers, or in the worst cases, even death.

So, to help you avoid workplace accidents with regards to forklifts, here are a few crucial safety tips that should always be followed.

Don’t neglect inspections

Performing inspections on your forklift when you feel they need to be done is simply not good enough.  Inspections should rather be done at the beginning of each and every shift to ensure that all of their components are in good condition. Should any faults be noticed, they should be reported to the shift supervisor immediately, and the vehicle should not be used until maintenance can be done.

Designate forklift roadways

Areas in which forklift trucks are commonly operated should be clearly marked with roadways demarking the routes they take. To this end, these areas should remain off-limits to anyone who might pose an obstruction to the vehicle, while care should be taken to keep the area clear.

Clearly mark out hazards

In the event that any hazards, spills or materials should contaminate the area in which forklift trucks are expected to work, they need to be clearly marked so that operators can know to avoid them. Small collisions and oil slicks can result in damage to the forklift itself, to the goods or could result in injuries to personnel.

Never EVER leave an active forklift unattended

This one is particularly important, and it also requires your shift manager to be vigilant, while your operators are well informed. A great many severe accidents have been caused by an unattended forklift, and this one is more about negligence than human error. A rogue forklift truck can result in grievous damage to property, substantial injuries being occurred, and likely enough to be a serious concern, even death.

Buy quality equipment

You can implement the world’s largest collection of stringent safety measures when operating forklifts, but it would be of a minimal result if you have not invested in high-quality equipment. The condition of your forklift trucks is important since sudden failures can result in more severe problems than just a little downtime. Be sure to source your forklift trucks from reliable suppliers who can guarantee top-quality equipment.

For more information on sourcing forklift trucks for your business, or when looking for advice, information, repairs and maintenance services, be sure to contact Forklift Exchange or visit our website for further details.

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