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Forklift Transport Solution Safety Tips

Forklift Transport Solution Safety Tips

If you own a forklift, at some point you will need to transport it, either when purchasing it or when moving it to a specific construction site or warehouse. The problem is you need to figure out how to move it safely. Generally, you cannot drive the forklift down the road, so you would have to figure out how to transport your forklift. To ensure your forklift gets to its destination in one piece, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Regular Trailers that are used for transporting other vehicles, landscaping tools, or almost anything else, may not be suitable to transport your forklift safely. The best thing to do is to check the weight capacity of the trailer and the weight of the forklift. Despite the often compact sizes of forklifts, they are dense and they often tend to weigh more than many cars. Therefore, your forklift may not be safe on a standard trailer.

2.Make sure the forklift is tied down and secured regardless of the type of trailer you select. A mixture of tow ropes and chains can be used to tie down your forklift. Furthermore, it is important to check the laws and regulations in your area to ensure you meet all the hauling requirements.

3.If you are using an enclosed forklift make sure the forklift is anchored down securely, so that it does not bump and jostle around in the trailer. Many enclosed trailers have internal anchor points, use a thread ropes to secure the forklift to the anchor points. Another option would be to, use wedges of wood or other materials to stop the forklift from moving.

  1. Alternatively hiring a trailer to transport your forklift is an option. A commercial-grade tractor trailer can be used to transport your forklift. If you need a trailer that has easy loading, it would be a good idea to hire a rollback trailer. A tilt trailer is another trailer which can be used as it has a ramp that can be used to easily drive the forklift onto the trailer. A flat-bed trailer is another option that can be used. Generally, a forklift can’t be loaded onto a flat-bed trailer from the ground, it needs to be on a raised or loading dock.
  2. If all the above seems like too much, consider hiring a forklift transport professional, like Forklift Exchange. You will not have to worry about having the right license, hiring the right trailer or dealing with other hassles. Hiring a forklift transport professional is a great option as they are insured so if something goes wrong you do not have to worry about suffering a financial loss.
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