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Inspection Tips for Buying Used Forklifts

inspection tipsFor those with an untrained eye, investing into secondhand machinery can be a risky endeavor. It can be difficult to tell what condition the item is in if you are getting it at the right price, and if it is as suited to your needs as it seems. When it comes to buying used forklift trucks, the matter is further complicated by the hefty investment required to source such a vehicle. Fortunately, though, there are ways of telling if the polished truck before you, is worth your time and money. These tips on how to spot a good deal during a forklift inspection will show you how to do it right.

Forks and mast

Start by checking the forks for any cracks or signs of damage such as warping, as these will hamper its ability to lift heavy loads safely. Check the mast as well to ensure that the cylinders are not leaking, the pins, tilt and shift cylinders are secured and that the mast rail and rollers have no signs of damage to them. Ensure that the chains have equal tension between them and that the hoses are in good condition too.

Cab, frame, and canopy

Look for signs of body damage on all sides of the forklift and push it to ensure that the cowling is functional. Check all safety supports and side screens to ensure that they can protect operators effectively in the event of an accident. Inspect the chassis for cracks, bends or signs of welding; and ensure that all safety features, levers and shift arms are in good condition. Test drive the vehicle too, to see that the steering, accelerating, braking and reverse functions are all working as they should.

The inner workings

Open the engine compartment and inspect for leaks, dirt, crack or any other signs of damage. Test the oil to make sure that it isn’t leaking, and check that the air filter is clean. Following that, inspect the exhaust guard at the back of the forklift to ensure that there are no signs of damage there as well.

Contact Forklift Exchange for used forklift trucks

The important thing to remember is that when buying a used forklift truck, your inspection needs to be as thorough as possible. For information on sourcing a secondhand forklift from a trusted supplier, contact Forklift Exchange today or visit our website for details.

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