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Safety Inspection Checklist for Forklift Trucks

Safety Inspection Checklist for Forklift Trucks

When it comes to operating forklift trucks, safety is everybody’s concern. While there are many key factors to using a forklift safely, perhaps the most important of them is ensuring that the truck itself is in good condition, and therefore safe to use. So, to help you ensure this, here are some of the most crucial safety features and aspects in every forklift truck that should always be taken care of.

The Cab

As the central part of the forklift truck, the cab holds the steering wheel, pedals, mast controls and most importantly, the safety features which allow it to operate without causing injury or damage due to accidents. Because of the centralized nature of these features, it is essential to keep the cab in good condition, and to have it regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that these features are consistently operational.

The Counterweight

The counterweight is an essential component for keeping the forklift truck properly balanced and weighted when the front-end is loaded. Without the counterweight, stability and safe usage is impossible, so always be sure that its connections are in good condition, and that it is tightly fastened to avoid unnecessary accidents or damages.

The Tires

It is crucial that you ensure that you are using the appropriate tires for the conditions that the forklift is operating under. This will be determined by whether or not it is being used outside, on rough terrain, or inside a warehouse. It is also important to ensure that your tires are in good condition, to allow for safe maneuverability

The Overhead Guard

The overhead guard on your forklift truck is important for protecting its operator from large, falling objects. Working with loads can be hazardous work, especially when operated in unstable environments. Because of this, it is essential to ensure that the overhead guard is in excellent condition at all times, and is able to protect its operator sufficiently. Since the guard is netted, protecting operators from smaller objects such as falling pebbles, it is recommended that a sheet of heavy-duty plastic be inserted to the guard for additional protection form hazards.

Check everything

Although these areas of maintenance are crucial for ensuring safety when operating forklift trucks, it is essential to remember that each component on it contributes to its effectiveness and safe-usage. Because of this, maintenance tasks should be regularly scheduled to ensure that each component is replaced when it needs to be, and so that a thorough inspection of the machine’s condition can be undertaken with care.

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