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Tips for buying the right forklift parts

Tips for buying the right forklift parts

In order to ensure longevity of your forklift fleet, make sure to regularly schedule services and maintenance which are essential in ensuring the longevity of your forklift fleet. It is also important to note that, all forklift parts come with an expiration date, no matter how well you may take care of your forklift. Make sure to replace worn out forklift parts immediately. How can you be sure you’re buying the right parts? Below are a few tips for you to consider when looking for spare forklift parts;

  1. It’s always a good idea to have a look around because in the end it pays not to rush buying forklift parts. Understandably you do not want to increase downtime but make sure you have done your homework. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and neither does cheap. Never hesitate to ask for advice and compare suppliers.
  2. Once you have found your supplier, check the serial number of the spare parts. The brand and model of your forklift may not be compatible with all the spare parts you come across are. Do your homework and take note of the serial numbers of all the parts you will need so you can easily refer to it when you’re dealing with your supplier.
  3. When it comes to choosing between new or used forklift parts it is a matter of weighing reliability against costs. Used parts are cheaper for a reason and they usually sell at half the price of new parts. Used parts tend to break more easily, resulting in higher costs in the long run. Moreover, used parts often come with deficiencies that are hard to detect, such as metal fatigue.
  4. Keep delivery in mind and remember to ask about freight charges and delivery time. You might think you got the perfect part at a great price, but a lengthy delivery time and expensive freight charges can easily cancel out all the benefits.
  5. Finally buy your forklift parts from a professional supplier. Always turn to a professional supplier, even if you are planning to buy new or used forklift parts, you can rest assured that the parts have been inspected by trained staff.
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