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Tips to Maintain an Efficient Forklift Fleet

Tips to Maintain an Efficient Forklift Fleet

If forklifts are not utilized efficiently or maintained properly, the amount of downtime will increase which would decrease productivity and profits will suffer. Ultimately, costs will increase due to maintenance which will affect your bottom line, when efficiency could be improved.

It is not cheap to manage a fleet of forklifts. Therefor replacing your forklifts at the right time, will increase productivity and profits within your business.

Below are our tips to improve the efficiency of your forklift  which will ultimately increase profits.

  • Forklift Maintenance

The first and most important tip is maintenance, maintaining your forklift will help extend your forklifts lifespan. The easiest way to do this is to categorising your fleet by age. Categories them based on their age; new, middle and old. This will allow you to manage your fleet effectively and help you forecast your expenses. You will be afforded the ability to estimate how much money you are willing to spend on each category group.

At some point you will need to replace your forklifts and by keeping track of your fleet by category you can avoid spending large amounts of money on repairing equipment for forklifts that are ready to be removed from the fleet.

A major mistake that a large number of companies make, is they utilise forklifts for longer than they should. Forklifts that should be replaced are continuously repaired instead of being replaced, which is costing a lot more than they should.

  • Fleet Management Software

Making use of fleet management software can help you identify issues and help you make adjustments to significantly cut operating costs. The software lets you see what equipment is being used and when, provides instant monitoring and control, real-time web based reporting and operator accountability and performance.


  • Communication

Finally, it is imperative that there is communication between management, your technicians & forklift operators. Constant communication has to happen as they come into contact with your fleet on a daily basis. This is because their opinions and observations will be critical to keeping your fleet running efficiently.

Your technicians should have a detailed log of what has been repaired, which parts are covered under warranty and how often they are repaired.  Doing this will let you determine the affordability of your current setup and what alternatives might benefit your bottom line.


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